Arise® Comprehensive care
with Intervention

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Arise® comprehensive care with intervention

An ARISE® intervention is a gentle but comprehensive intervention to help a person struggling with addiction, as well as their family.  It has been shown to help individuals achieve long-term recovery.

Through an ARISE® intervention:

  • 83 percent of those suffering with addiction get into treatment within three weeks
  • 96 percent enter treatment in six months
  • 61 percent are sober by the end of the first year

What is an ARISE® Intervention?

The ARISE® Comprehensive Care Intervention is a model of intervention developed by Dr. Judith Landau and Dr. James Garrett in the early 1990s. This is a joint intervention that involves family members and others close to the person. The key difference between this model and the Johnson model is that an ARISE® intervention is hosted over several months, and is an Evidence Best Practice Method aimed at healing both individuals and families.

How does the ARISE® Intervention Work?

This process is called a compassionate invitational intervention. This means that the person struggling is invited to participate: they are not shocked, tricked, or surprised into an intervention. It is a process of gentle, respectful, and gradually escalating family meetings that take place over several months. This encourages the person to seek treatment throughout a path of least resistance. The benefits of intervening in this way are that it limits the amount of shame, disappointment, and guilt the person might otherwise feel in a confrontational intervention. 

Intervening from a position of love and respect provides for a solid foundation of support and healing for both the individual and their family.

The ARISE® Comprehensive Care starts when the person with substance use disorder enters treatment, and lasts for six months. The meetings follow a particular process: A First Call Meeting, and then a First Meeting. The interventionist will help build a support network that can be mobilized to create an Intervention Network whose goal is to motivate their loved one into treatment. The interventionist will also encourage the family, and the individual, to become involved in a suitable support group for their continued recovery. 

Throughout the process the interventionist will also work with the individual, the treatment center, and the family to ensure that the person completes treatment and resolves the root causes triggering addictive behaviours, as well as ensuring they have the tools and resources to prevent them from returning to use.

Why is the ARISE® Model Successful?

According to the ARISE® Network, the model was compared by researchers Fernandez, Begley, & Marlatt (2006) who found that it works more successfully because: 

  • “The Intervention Network remains involved in collaboration throughout intervention, treatment & early recovery
  • The process relies on the inherent strength, motivation, and resilience of the family
  • The focus is on individual AND family recovery and healing
  • Individuals are invited and motivated to enter and participate actively in treatment.”

Who is the ARISE® Intervention suitable for?

The intervention can be used for most people: teenagers, young people, families, individuals with co-occurring disorders, high-risk individuals, the elderly, veterans, trauma survivors, business executives, faith-based individuals, and many more.

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