Anonymous - Safe Passage Companion

In the past year, I experienced the sudden and tragic loss of two close family members. Consequently, my alcohol consumption increased considerably. With increasing concern, my therapist and wife intervened quickly and arranged for me to go to Thailand for inpatient rehabilitation. Theo was hired to accompany me to the treatment facility. While I thought a travel companion was unnecessary, in retrospect I realize this was not a luxury — I was physically exhausted and confused and needed his help.

Theo brought me to the airport, took care of the check-in, and was prepared to do everything for me throughout the flight. He even handled a missed connection swiftly. Once we arrived in Chiang Mai, a driver from the treatment center was there to pick us up. Even during the check-in, Theo stayed by my side, chatting with me and ensuring I was okay.

Theo also left his contact details should I need to call him. We also kept in touch during my stay via email. The intensive supervision and my stay have been successful so far!

I want to thank Theo enormously for his support and guidance.

Anonymous - Recovery Companion

After a 3 year and 3 month stretch of sobriety I had a relapse. I’ve known Theo during my sobriety but during my relapse our contact had faded a bit. When I came back in the program, Theo had become a professional Recovery Coach and I decided to hire him for 1 month. This was the best thing I could have done in my early recovery. He helped me to get things straight again by reminding me of the objectives I set for myself and helping me to achieve these objectives. He always let me make my own decisions but gave me his best advice as well. Now, 2 and a half month later I feel rock-solid in recovery again. Theo had helped me to regain my recovery-network and helped me to get closure on the things I had to do in order to remain in recovery. I would most definitely hire Theo again, and I would definitely recommend him. Theo helped me get my life back in order and we became even closer friends in the process. I’m forever grateful. 

Peter ter Horst - Founder Peter ter Horst

The purpose of this letter is to serve as a professional and personal reference for Theo de Vries. I have the pleasure of working with Theo in my team at peterterhorst.com. He is always reliable, hardworking and dedicated to helping others. He is a quick learning and is always eager to learn more. He has very good connections with the clients, and they seemed to appreciate his honesty and his compassion. He is committed to working with addicts seeking Recovery and I think he has a lot to offer this industry. I support his efforts to become a Recovery Specialist. I think he can make a difference in the lives of many.

Nick Axcell M.A.

I have known Theo de Vries for over a year now and whilst he has become a good friend I also have complete trust and respect for his ability and  work as an addiction specialist.

Theo has helped me with several cases over the last year, particularly doing great work with two Irish clients that I referred to him.

Theo is exceptionally ethical and has so much to offer the addiction treatment industry.

I look forward to Theo working closely with me in the near future.